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Dear Sunnyside Elementary Families & Visitors,

As a School of International Studies, our goal is to teach our children to become globally conscious and internationally minded through a rigorous curriculum aligned with State standards. We want our students to become critical thinkers and have an influential voice throughout the community as citizens of both Sunnyside and the world.

  • Through a multicultural curriculum with an international lens, students will:
  • Gain knowledge of other world regions, cultures, and economies;
  • Develop the ability to work in cross-cultural environments;
  • Grow an equitable lens that values and respects other cultures;
  • Advance their interpersonal skills through global STEM projects and problem solving;
  • Expand their language acquisition skills.
  • Cultivate a love for learning.

Sunnyside teachers have worked very hard to develop enriched environments and a curriculum that supports these goals. If you are new to Sunnyside, please know that we have passionate educators who are dedicated to serving you and our school community. We truly believe that it "takes a village to raise a child;" therefore, we honor your input and value your support.

Thank you for visiting our website!
Edyza Deynes