Dear Sunnyside Families,

Tierney-Anderson-2.jpgAs a School of International Studies, we want children to become "globally conscious and internationally minded" through a rigorous curriculum aligned with State Standards. Our children need to learn how to navigate in the world beyond Sunnyside and understand the value of connecting with other cultures. We will no longer seek understanding in isolation, but rather through collaboration…. embracing the beauty of our strengths and diversity! Importantly, we want our students to become critical thinkers and have an influential voice throughout the community as World Class Citizens. Our children have the power to "empower" others and convey their thoughts surrounding global issues. We want them to become agents of change and perpetuate a movement that will "pay it forward" as well as uplift generations to come.

Through a multicultural curriculum with an International lens, students will:
  • Gain knowledge of other world regions, cultures and economies;
  • Gain the ability to work in cross-cultural environments;
  • Develop an equitable lens that values and respects other cultures;
  • Have the accessibility to engage in global communications through skyping;
  • Correspond with pen pals, and work on service projects- particularly through our partnerships around the world.
Each grade level will focus on an International tenet that will enhance our focus and the mindsets of students. These tenets will be integrated into our Core Curriculum including.
  • First Grade…. Me and My World (Exploring our uniqueness, heritage, and culture)
  • Second Grade…Our Place in the World (Understanding the world beyond Sunnyside)
  • Third Grade…Sharing our World (Understanding how to sustain our natural resources)
  • Fourth Grade…Organizing Ourselves (Exploring global systems)
  • Fifth Grade…Cultural Expressions (Global communications)
  • Sixth Grade…One World, One Voice (Social Advocacy, etc.)
Sunnyside teachers have worked very hard to develop enriched environments and a curriculum that support these tenets. If you are new to Sunnyside, please know that we have passionate educators who are dedicated to serving you and our school community. We truly believe that it "takes a village to raise a child;" therefore, we honor your input and value your support. Here’s to a great year of learning opportunities! Thank you for visiting our website!


Ms. Tierney Anderson, Principal