Alerts: Aug 8, 2020
On July 20, 2020, the Board of Education voted to delay the start of school from Monday, August 3 to Thursday, August 13, 2020.
For more information and to view our Current Re-Entry Plan, please follow this link.

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Tierney Anderson (Contact Tierney Anderson)
Interim Assistant Principal - Amanda Krga (Contact Amanda Krga)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Sherri Swingle (Contact Sherri Swingle)
Administrative Assistant - Melida Roldan Gonzalez (Contact Melida Roldan Gonzalez)
Nurse - Nancy Byers (Contact Nancy Byers)
Cafeteria Manager - Anastacia Thomas (Contact Anastacia Thomas)
CIS Resource Liaison - Yessenia Perez (Contact Yessenia Perez)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Shannon Williams (Contact Shannon Williams)
Head Custodian - Lori Baker (Contact Lori Baker)

Special Areas

Art - Shelby Watkins (Contact Shelby Watkins)
Music - Patrick Meyer (Contact Patrick Meyer)
Global STEM - Elizabeth Howard (Contact Elizabeth Howard)
Physical Education - Erin Taylor (Contact Erin Taylor)
World Languages - Charlitha Richardson (Contact Charlitha Richardson)
Media Center - Julie Pack (Contact Julie Pack)

Grade One

Ashley Connor (Contact Ashley Connor)
Kelly Hunter (Contact Kelly Hunter)
Ileanita Martinez (Contact Ileanita Martinez)
Beatriz Smith (Contact Beatriz Smith)

Grade Two

Patricia Cofer (Contact Patricia Cofer)
Amanda Probst (Contact Amanda Probst)
Gina Short (Contact Gina Short)
Milled Aguilar-Velez (Contact Milled Aguilar-Velez)

Grade Three

Sara Koehl (Contact Sara Koehl)
Alicia Navedo-Savage (Contact Alicia Navedo-Savage)
Alana Ryan (Contact Alana Ryan)
Brandie Skaggs (Contact Brandie Skaggs)
Gabrielle Taylor (Contact Gabrielle Taylor)

Grade Four

Debra Banks (Contact Debra Banks)
Karen Brakke (Contact Karen Brakke)
Bridget Bieberich (Contact Bridget Bieberich)
Melissa McMickle (Contact Melissa McMickle)
Katie Yarber (Contact Katie Yarber)

Grade Five

Michelle Abernathy (Contact Michelle Abernathy)
Jennifer Durante * (Contact Jennifer Durante *)
Viktor Rodriguez * (Contact Viktor Rodriguez *)
Ann Stinson (Contact Ann Stinson)
Kellie Wood (Contact Kellie Wood)

Grade Six

Amanda Krga (Contact Amanda Krga)
Barbara Delgado (Contact Barbara Delgado)
Emily Elrod (Contact Emily Elrod)
Claire Huntley (Contact Claire Huntley)
Patrick Wyatt (Contact Patrick Wyatt)
Tara Richardson (Contact Tara Richardson)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Maggie Huston (Contact Maggie Huston)
Resource - Laura Blair (Contact Laura Blair)
Student Support Specialist - Troy Branigan (Contact Troy Branigan)
English as a New Language - Leslie Snoke (Contact Leslie Snoke)
English as a New Language - Ann Tinker-Jackson (Contact Ann Tinker-Jackson)
English as a New Language  - Pamela Bayes (Contact Pamela Bayes )
School Psychologist  - Vicki Lenz (Contact Vicki Lenz)
Speech & Language  - Rachel Troutman (Contact Rachel Troutman)
Technology - Josh Oberting (Contact Josh Oberting)